Ram slot is causing pc to restart when playing games

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PC passes 3Dmark but crashes while gaming. :: 3DMark ...

What are your GPU temps when the games crash? (Unless you meant GPU when you said CPU ) Do other games crash at all or is it just Subnautica that does?So maybe it gets the enough power that it needs? 4. The computer freezes and then restarts. Pc keeps restarting when playing game??? But when i started my game BOOM it restarted. So i went home . Next day the store called me And told me that its fixed again.Until you can run memtest I would be looking at prices on ram and a compatible video card. Not saying you need either at this point just be good to know who has it and... Computer Hard Restarts when playing games Solved - Windows… My Custom built PC hard resets when I am playing any video game. I am attaching the requested logs and am hoping that someone can assist me with attempting to figure out the issue.I'd recommend that you uninstall Corsair Link 4 software just in case it is causing problems.

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Computer Hard Restarts when playing games Solved - Page 2 ... After you complete the tracings please view this link and place your computer in clean boot. If you have any issues with connecting to the internet (unlikely), change clean boot to selective boot. That is only checking the service that is needed for the internet. What we want to know is are you having or not having hard restarts when in clean boot. PC restarts with BSOD or restarts itself while playing games ...

Could a bad GPU or PSU be the cause of random restarts? - Quora

[A17] PC Reboots when playing - 7 Days to Die Dec 3, 2018 ... Bug Description: Every time in a while the game reboots my PC. That's all. ... Could also be defekt RAM or just simple a cooling/heat problem. Hopefully this .... And I've bought this PSU as an upgrade this spring. It has nice ... The cpu fan in my computer will sometimes clog with dust, causing it to over heat. Computer Randomly Restarts? Focus on File Recovery & How to Fix! Oct 26, 2018 ... This post will tell you how to recover files lost after computer restart and how to ... happen at any time, for example, when playing games or watching videos. ... There are some common causes for computer rebooting randomly. ... a faulty RAM, a virus or malware issue, driver problems, Windows update, etc. What You Should Do If Windows 10 Fails to Start - Make Tech Easier Apr 7, 2019 ... To see if it's actually your monitor causing problems, switch on your PC, then at ... which can be easily dislodged if you've knocked your computer around. ... Open your RAM bay (or PC tower), take the RAM out, and slot it back in to ... When you click “Startup Repair” Windows will restart and scan your PC for ... Solved - Reboot loop after changing graphics card | Tech Support Guy

PC passes 3Dmark but crashes while gaming. :: 3DMark

Of course, I can't say if memory lapse due to overheating is occuring (as hinted by BjornEricsson), or that my memory/CPU is giving false readings, but the test, as well as the fact that my computer didn't crash even once when running a game with my GeForce 3 card for a lengthy period makes it more likely that the problem is related to my new graphics card, be it driver, power or hardware. Game is causing my PC to restart. :: Fallout 4 General ... if the game is causing your pc to restart, it's usually either about power or temperature. like many people here said, check your casing fans and cpu/gpu fans.. and how old is your power supply unit? is it possible to borrow someone PSU, to make sure that it's not the culprit. spec-wise, your PC should be okay to play this game.

Usually, my computer would take 10-30 minutes to restart or freeze, but I've now been running my computer for an hour and a half and it hasn't crashed now that I've taken out this RAM card. Just to make sure this is the issue, I want to you ask you all: could the RAM card be the issue to this problem? Thanks!

Role-Playing Game / Game Breaking Bug - TV Tropes A page for describing GameBreakingBug: Role-Playing Game. Fallout: In Fallout 2, whoo boy. The car seems to be a Bug, and not in the "small German vehicle" … PC Troubleshooting Guide - Why Your PC Stops Working The easiest way to verify this is to swap the RAM cards in your PC with some spare ones and test to see whether this works or not.